Time-saving tips for Exhibitors

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Time-saving tips for Exhibitors

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

Every event takes some amount of time to execute, so do trade shows. If you are participating in an exhibition or tradeshow as an exhibitor then you must be aware that it takes much of your important time you invest in your business activity without knowing whether this engagement will give you the right returns. You will require to shift your focus from business to the successful execution of the event. Though your event is one of the essential business activities needed from time to time, it does take away your focus from your business operations. So, every business with the right approach thinks of saving as much time as possible in the entire duration of the exhibition. Moreover, you will have to be extra careful while preparing for the exhibition as even a small mistake can lead you to a big loss.

It is very natural that when your schedule becomes tight then concentrating at one place becomes very tough and this leads to higher chances of risk. To handle this problem in a better way, we need to understand the major risk areas and how can we save our time to achieve maximum results from the exhibition within a limited scope.

Time-saving Tips:-

Choose the Correct Show

This can save much of your time. You should not hop from show to show, just because you think it can help you get maximum visibility. Know your business, understand the purpose of your participation, identify the show if it would help you reach your target audience before you start planning for the show. Only the right exhibition can help you get the right returns. Participate only if the exhibition is related to your industry or you are sure about getting your audience in the show. Participating everywhere will not only waste your time but your money and energy too.

Start Promoting Early

If you have decided to exhibit then start creating buzz early. You have social media and many other mediums. Social media would come inexpensive and also provide you with a wider reach. If you start early then people will know about your participation and will prepare themselves to visit you if they are interested in your products and services. So, there will be no last-minute rush to take your message to your target audience through highly expensive mediums. However, if you choose to announce using the paid mediums, you have every right to do so. But if you have promoted yourself well early, then you would not require to spend a huge amount. Moreover, you will save time and money in the process.

Promotional Materials

If you have planned out to distribute some materials like bags, pens, cups, stickers, or files, etc.to your visitors you can get them ready with your logo on them in large quantity if you have plans to exhibit in more than one show within a small period. This will save you time when you exhibit in new shows.

Use a Digital Medium

Collecting visiting cards and asking your visitors to fill the visitors’ form has become obsolete now. Use the digital medium to capture their information. Use something interesting, so that capturing information do not intimidate your visitor. Also, make sure that the information that they enter in your system is recorded somewhere in your system so that retrieving the data does not become difficult for you later. And the sales team can start working on it directly. This will save much of your time, which you would otherwise spend on sorting the business cards and employing a dedicated resource to feed the data into your system.

Employ Trained and Experienced Staff

Let the one who has complete knowledge about your event represent you in the exhibition. When you are in an exhibition then you have to put your best foot forward. So, make sure you choose the right representation who would manage your event stand with full confidence. This too will save your time. Sales and marketing staff from your organization would be the right choice as they have the experience of interacting with the customers and they are well-aware of the products and services that are on display.

Above advises will help you save your time while you prepare yourself for the exhibition.

To recycle and reuse, or not

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

Tradeshows are not events that can be neglected, rather they require special care. It is an expensive affair when you think of exhibiting in reputed shows or want to design new booths for every event that you participate in. However, to keep your expenses low or to make your exhibitions affordable options to reuse your existing booth materials or the entire booth are available. You only will have to be a little innovative to make your existing stand even more appealing. If you find this claim to be doubtful then you can hire an exhibition company that can guide you in erecting an appealing stand from your existing stand materials with some newness.

Here we will discuss some interesting tips to re-use your existing exhibition stand in the upcoming trade show.

Change Your Graphics

Graphics are one of the most effective ways to convey your messages to the target audience. But at the same time, in this highly demanding marketplace, you will have to be careful that you give something new to your audience every time. Graphics too need some changes. Change your graphical displays to give your old stand a new look and fresh look. If you continue to use the same graphics that you used earlier in all your forthcoming events then you are inviting rejection. Your audience wants something new, something exciting, so make sure you can do add something that is motivating for your audience.

Upgrade or Replace the Stand Flooring

This is necessary to make your stand look new. Choose from different types of floorings available in the market. Can pick from wooden floorings, artificial turfs, carpets, synthetic covers and more. The newness will remove the dull look and also make your stand appear impressive to your visitors.

Reprint Your Text Messages with New Style and Color

This is another way to create an aesthetic ambiance to grab the attention of your audience. Replace the old text message with something new, with more punch and new and more striking font style and color. This is a very cost-effective way to change the look and feel of your stand.

Replace Your Old Furniture

Furniture has their way to make your stand look very prominent. Put some new furniture in your booth. Give them new look. Use different colors to grab the attention of the passers-by. Make your sitting space look relaxing and create a setup that allows your visitors to come, sit and interact with you. If your old stand is in good condition and there is not much scope of making changes or you cannot afford many changes then changing the furniture can take you a long way. Use trendy furniture to create the balance and match with your business value.

Use of Creative Items

You can change your digital presentation. Can use the most advanced digital tools to upgrade your presentation. Use animated or moving pictures or videos, which are far more engaging than still pictures and photos. Use LED monitors, large screens. These come in different sizes and length/height ratio. You can use something that you have not used earlier.

Change the Position of Stand Presentation

You have the freedom to change the position of the presentation. Like the display settings. Decorative items and the use of lighting in a different way can enhance the visual beauty of the stand. Change the furniture, desk and monitor positions. You can also use the graphics in a different way than you had used earlier. Add some shelves or remove some shelves. All this can help you come up with a new stand with the old materials.

How to grab the attention on the exhibition floor

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

So, what do you need to rise above the rest to grab the attention of your target audiences? Though it is not as simple as it sounds, there are a few participants who are very passionate about making their trade show a success. And they become so influential that they drive the entire show, and become industry leaders.

What should your approach be?

Trade shows and exhibitions are not just about the appearance of the stand or the content in it or how your representative in the stand talks to the visitors. It is a complete package that must be managed well at the right time, in the right way, at the right place, and by the right people. It requires you to be fully prepared, with quality products and services, positioning of the brand, presentation, demonstration, stand design, booth management, interaction with visitors, and promotions. If you make mistakes in any of these, you might end up with disappointing results.

How to Stand Out Amongst Established Exhibitors?

Generally, companies give up even before competing when they hear about the presence of established exhibitors because they bear in mind that it is impossible to beat them. But nothing is impossible if you strike all the right notes at the right time. Even a first-timer can break records if it can win the hearts of the visitors. So, winning the hearts of attendees in the event is most crucial. Therefore, you will have to find out how you can win hearts.

Understand the Expectations of the Visitors

Whatever it might take, you must first try to understand what expectations visitors would have while attending the trade show. The right place to know this is the organizer. You can talk to the event organizer and ask them what kind of people they are expecting in the event and what would they like to see. This might solve many of your doubts. Once you have the answer, try to achieve that within your capacity. You are exhibiting at a trade show where only your type of business will exhibit. So, the product line will not be the issue. But whatever it be, it would be better if you take some suggestions from the organizers.

What are Your Visitors’ Expectations are from You?

This is not easy to understand. You need to be in continuous touch with your prospects through various offline and online surveys and should have constant interaction with them to find out their expectations. So, ensure that you have regular talks with your customers and you do not hesitate in taking feedback for your products and services. Also, make sure you do not fall flat on your promises. If you have committed something to your customers and prospects, then you should be able to meet your commitment.

How Can Fulfil Visitors’ Expectations?

This must be done in advance. Because once the exhibition dates are out you will have to prepare for stand design, presentation, and product demonstration. So, make sure you have done all the surveys either offline or online as per your convenience to understand what exactly they miss or what more they want to see in your products and services. Prepare yourself as per their expectations before you exhibit. Nowadays, social media can help you take feedback and understand customer expectations. You can use it for this purpose.

What are the Common Expectations of Visitors?

Upgraded Product with New Features

Your existing customers who are happy with your products and services will expect an upgraded version of the same product with new and more advanced features.

Brand New Product Launches

There is a certain section of people who are always looking for brand-new product launches. They attend tradeshows and exhibitions hoping to see new product launches and if they like them and find them of their use then they purchase them immediately.

Discounts and Offers

There is another section of people who are always on the lookout for discounts and offers. So, you can plan out something for this section of people, if only you can afford to take the risk of discounts.

Improvement in Make and Performance

Many might have a complaint about the make and many about the performance. So, you will have to come up with a new look for your existing products that are popular with buyers. If there is a problem in performance then without question you will have to work to improve the product performance and come up with a fresh and more dynamic version of the same product.

New Design and Technology

Who does not like new design and technology? However, your products should have some requirements in the day-to-day lives of people. In the name of new design and technology, you should avoid making anything of your choice because that won’t serve your purpose. Customers are intelligent and they will buy only that much that they need. So, you will have to understand what type of visitors are attending the exhibition. This will help you in deciding.

Business Prospects

There is another section of visitors who attend exhibitions hoping for business prospects. If you too are looking forward to meeting such attendees then you can keep your doors open. Every exhibition has got programs for such meets. So, either you can meet your potential business partners in those programs or you can even meet them on your stand.

Industry Learners and Researchers

There are these types of visitors who are interested in learning about the industry or if you have launched a new product then they might want to do some product review of your product line. Do not disappoint them as you can always use them in your favor if you use them with the right skills. Whoever is representing your stand should be able to communicate well. If you can convince those who are visiting your booth to understand something about the industry and products you have presented, then you can make a big impact on the show. Because these learners are none other than the researchers or new industry entrants who can help your product look impressive.

Time to Align Your Stand with the Expectation of the Visitors

Once you have understood the expectation and what exactly you need to do to be distinct on the exhibition floor, it is time that you align your visitors’ expectations with your exhibition stand. Yes, your stand should reflect what your brand wants to say and your brand should speak what your customers what to hear. For this, you will have to find a professional and experienced exhibition stand builder and designer. They are aware of the industry and have vast experience of building stands for other companies. They know the trends and techniques and possess in-depth knowledge of the industry requirements. A professional exhibition company would guide you in the right direction and help you reach your event marketing goals. You will only have to tell them your requirements, your expectations, your investment capacity, and what exactly you want to take away from the exhibition. They will design a stand keeping all your objectives and goals in mind.