Trade Show Exhibit Management

At EXHIBIT GLOBAL, we have over 20 years of outstanding experience in trade show management, helping hundreds of clients reach more customers.

Trade shows are a great way to showcase your brand, unveil a new product, and meet new customers in a face-to-face setting. According to research, attendees of trade shows will tell up to six or more people about their experience at a trade show. Hiring the right trade show management company can help differentiate your brand from the crowd and leave you at the top of mind after the trade show.

From transportation and setup to analytics tracking, there are a multitude of trade show packages to choose from and hundreds of trade show management companies to hire. Perhaps, either as a small business or a busy entrepreneur, many of our clients don’t have the time or knowledge to fully prepare for a trade show exhibit.

We have prepared this guide with five considerations to make before hiring your next trade show management contractor.

Trade Show Management Experience

The proof is always in the pudding. When evaluating your next trade show contractor, look through their portfolio of clients and the events they’ve attended. This should be listed on their website or they should have this information readily available for you.

Ideally, you’ll want a company that’s able to offer turnkey, custom services to any client in any industry. At EXHIBIT GLOBAL we’ve worked with a wide range of clients across multiple industries to create unique trade show exhibits that have impressed even some of the oldest industry veterans. But if you want a greater idea of what you’re actually purchasing, look at previous trade show displays to get an actual idea of what you’re purchasing.

Previous Trade Show Displays

Trade show exhibits are equal parts of storytelling and design. Given the sheer amount of competition present at trade shows, you’ll want a trade show design that will catch everyone’s eye. Better yet, you’ll need a trade show exhibit that can keep your clients or prospective clients glued. Look at past examples of trade show displays your contractor has made to see what creative solutions they have to offer.

Communication and Collaboration

A trade show management contractor should work with you to design a trade show booth that fits your specifications and brand vision. Trade show designs are not all ‘one size fits all, and every company requires a different aesthetic to communicate their value statement. Ideally, you’ll want to hire a trade show management contractor who offers a full-service package from design ideas to transportation and construction to save money and time.


On this note, don’t hire a one-trick pony. As shallow as it may sound in the wrong context, appearances are everything at trade show conferences. The best way to stand out from the competition is to completely disrupt the field and create a display that is entirely different from the rest.

At EXHIBIT GLOBAL, we work with a variety of materials and incorporate a variety of visual marketing tools to help your booth stand out from the rest. A trade show management company should be cross-functional and have a reliable team of builders able to match any design request and see your vision come to fruition. It’s not enough to create a visually striking display; it needs to memorable.

Your Budget

Finally, every trade show management company will charge you different rates, some by the hour or some per event. Look for a contractor who uses high-quality materials and does not skimp on design or setup. Communicate your budget early on to see whether your trade show contractor can work within your budget restrictions.


At EXHIBIT GLOBAL, we’ll work all trade show exhibit solutions within your budget to give you a custom trade show exhibit that will stand out from the crowd and leave your brand top-of-mind. We have 20 years of experience in trade show management, working with clients across different industries to give them the trade show exhibit they needed. Contact us today to get started on your next trade show conference idea.