What makes a good exhibition stand?

Here we aim to help answer some key questions that you may have about exhibition stand design, and how to design your stand based on budget, function, layout and marketing approach. Examples of exhibition stands can be found on our website. At Exhibit Global we specialize in exhibition stand design and fabrication for some of the top brands globally. We would be delighted to help design and fabricate you trade show booth or exhibition stand, in the USA and Europe.

  • How do you make an exhibition booth stand out?
  • What makes a good exhibition stand?
  • How much does an exhibition stand cost?
  • How do you decorate a stand for an exhibition?

How do you make your exhibition booth stand out?

At most large trade shows and exhibitions there are literally thousands of exhibitors, all competing for the same visitors. The average attendee spends almost 8.5 hours viewing exhibition stands at a single show, so you need to ensure that yours will stand out from the crowd. A successful exhibition stand design will result in a greater number of visitors, longer dwell time and more interaction, which in turn results in more leads.

Use of color:

We work on a 60:30:10 design rule in general across our exhibit stand and trade show booth designs.

This means that your primary color is used across 60% of your stand, unifying elements of your design. Your secondary color is used across a further 30% of your space, creating contrast and establishing visual interest. Finally, your accent color is used across 10% of your stand space, to emphasize important elements, graphics and text.

Remember that too many colors can be confusing. Choose colors that are on brand, and on trend – for instance now we are seeing a lot of natural colors and textures, as well as cool grays, white and black.

What makes a good exhibition stand?

When designing a unique trade show booth display, we always consider how to maximize the space throughout the stand to your advantage. This doesn’t mean filling every inch with product or furniture and displays.

Just like a successful website, empty space is vital to create a good flow through the stand. Empty space in your exhibition stand design helps balance your exhibit, create a more visually appealing display, and draw your visitor’s attention to your most important messages.

Think hard about the proportions of your exhibition stand design. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that 40% of your space is empty.

When we created a futuristic stand design for a gaming software company at a large international gambling trade show, we ensured that visitors were not overwhelmed by the stunning architecture and lighting, with enough space to move around the booth at their leisure.

How much does an exhibition stand cost?

Trade shows in Europe are cheaper than in the USA, so you can expect to pay 2-3 times less for an exhibition stand design and build in Europe versus the USA. Cost is wholly dependent on design though and can range from $400/sqm to $1200/sqm, however at Exhibit Global we aim to match our exhibition stand designs to your budget, which is why it is so important to decide upon a budget, however rough, before engaging us for a trade show booth or exhibition stand design.

How do you decorate an exhibition stand for a trade show?

If you are like almost every other trade show exhibitor, you attend trade shows to raise awareness about your company and products. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate your product into the design of your stand, which will ensure that you have a truly unique booth.

For instance, if you manufacture materials, be it wood, aluminium or composites, then parts of your stand design could be fabricated from these materials.

If you have a specific product to display, then we will come up with a novel approach to displaying it. Rather than using boring old displays, we will ensure that the product looks its best through innovative settings and great lighting.