Trade Show Management Company

There is significant value to having industry experts such as Exhibit Global handle time-sensitive trade show logistics on your behalf. In addition to freeing marketing staff from the burden, there are numerous benefits to outsourcing trade show management. With our experience, knowledge and background, our organization is extremely efficient in planning for shows, working with show officials, and arranging freight, travel and accommodations.

The overall expense withtrade show management companiescan be reduced significantly simply because of our improved efficiency in trade show management through proper planning, accurate budgeting and fluid communication with the client. It is our primary aiml to reduce the cost of exhibiting for our clients. We can often help exhibitors avoid rush fees and other penalties frequently incurred due to overworked marketing professionals who may simply not have the time or bandwidth to meet discount deadlines, schedule freight to arrive via the lowest cost service, or research the best travel packages.

If you are looking for trade show management companies, Exhibit Global is a full-service trade show management company that possesses the knowledge, experience and resources to manage all aspects of trade show planning and implementation. We have a solid and diverse trade show background and have experience managing a wide size-range of exhibit properties. Our involvement can range from “full-service” (start to finish), to managing only certain elements of a show depending on your specific needs.